Medical Doctor Formulated

Aids in energy and weight management programs.

Aids in digestion and well-being.

Increases the metabolism of fat cells.

Acts as a natural detoxifer.

Anti-aging properties work both internally and externally.

Helps the body to restore its normal function.

SleepTrim has been specially formulated for use while you sleep. Sleeping allows the body, especially its organs, to rest and rebuild. The SleepTrim formula contains vital amino acids which help to burn fat and build lean body mass.....while getting a good nights rest.

Because we recommend MegaTrim, another InHealth product, not be taken after 3:00 p.m. due to its stimulant effects, we have formulated SleepTrim for nighttime use. SleepTrim allows the body, especially its organs, to rest and rebuild. Its formula contains vital amino acids, which help to burn fat and build lean body mass while you sleep.

SleepTrim contains a blend of amino-acids such as L-Arginine, L-Lysine and L-Ornithine that work synergistically to stimulate the release of growth hormones, metabolizing excess body fat. When growth hormones are released, the body responds by building muscle, thus helping to build a lean body mass.

The all natural SleepTrim is a weight management product that supplements the action of MegaTrim while you sleep, helping you reach your weight loss goals faster. Ingredients contained in SleepTrim are designed to enhance and compliment a weight reduction program. Responsible weight reduction must include exercise and reducing the intake of fats and calories.

When taking SleepTrim, it is recommended that you do not eat any food or consume any drinks that contain alcohol or carbohydrates. The purpose of not eating for two hours after taking SleepTrim is to eliminate most nutrient competition and allow SleepTrim to go to work in the areas of the body where it's most needed.

The results of SleepTrim will show up differently in each body. Some will experience noticeable results in the first few weeks and some will take longer. Some will lose steadily at a very slow rate (perhaps one pound every two weeks) and others will start seeing results within just a few days.

SleepTrim contains no stimulants, however, it can be taken with a thermogenic weight loss product helping you to achieve your weight loss goals.